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Our Story

I’ve always loved fishing.
Some of my earliest childhood memories include a bamboo pole with string and a hook, fishing the
neighborhood’s creeks. Being the 7 th of 9 siblings, and having 4 older brothers, our annual camping trips
to the PA Grand Canyon always included fishing. I remember the feeling of excitement as a trout darted
out from the rocks to snag my baited hook.

As we got older, our family vacations expanded to new destinations but always, always included fishing.
VA Beach, OBX NC, Edisto Island SC, Sarasota FL, The FL Keys and my all-time favorite – oh wait, I’m
gonna keep that one a secret! Maybe. Hint: it’s an island in FL.

Over the past couple years from Spring to early Winter, I’d fish every week wherever possible: local
ponds and streams, the Susquehanna River and various small lakes. I guess you could safely say I am
slightly obsessed with fishing. I’ve learned a lot from hours of YouTube and web browsing but I’ll still
take actual fishing over watching someone else do it!
Fishing is a way for me to slow down in life; a time to organize my thoughts. The rush of the unknown
always gets me too: will it be my biggest fish yet today or a species I’ve never caught before? The
anticipation is invigorating.

I’m currently registered to fish the FLW Series and BFL as a co-angler. I look forward to fishing in waters I
haven’t experienced yet and meeting some pros in the bass fishing world. This is super exciting for me as
I’ll get to observe and learn from these guys in how they break down the water to find fish.

My vision in starting FUSA Gear is to share my experiences with you as well as hear your stories and
favorite fishing tips. And who doesn’t like comfortable, well-crafted clothing for everyday wear?
So, without further ado, browse the website, check out some of the fish we’ve caught and the stories
that go with them. Try out some of the clothing and let me know how I can improve your experience.
I’m here to learn from you and be a part of your fishing journey!

Catch ya later,
Nate Barker

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